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You’ve visited the right place! Our guidelines will tell you what we are looking for, so you can be sure that your pitch hits the mark with our editing team. We are too excited to know about your post ideas and the business and craft of freelance writing.


  • The post should be expertly written in English.
  • The content must be 100% unique. The post should be original and yet not published anywhere else; no plagiarized content is going to be accepted. All our articles are passed through a plagiarism checker and proofread to ensure that the written content has not been published anywhere before whether partly or fully.
  • The article should contain not less than 600 words.
  • Give a genuine title and description too. A keyword to the post must be provided.
  • Content should be divided using proper headings and subheadings.
  • Submit the article in either Word .doc or .docx format, no other format is going to be accepted.
  • The content should be explanatory, and useful, and one can easily read and understand it. If there needs any change or modification so our team has all the rights. 
  • Mention the names of the sources for the facts and figures which are published in the article
  • You need to attach an image that relates to your content and that image should be unique.
  • Content must be suitable for reading to people from any social class also it should be only for informational purposes.
  • We do not accept any link or brand information given by you in the bio.

Topics for Contribution

  • Blogging: How to get more traffic, build your list, guest post, conversion, using blogging to get freelance clients (should be backed up with data, screenshots, and other social proof).
  • Breaking in: How or where to find good starter markets that pay.
  • Copywriting: Tips as well as strategies for writing good headlines, email campaigns, lead magnets, case studies, white papers, and sales copy that converts.
  • Editor Q&As: What do editors like? Talk to several in a vocation and share it with us.
  • Ghostwriting: How you searched for ghostwriting clients? How much are you going to charge? Are there any ghostwriting platforms that connect writers with their clients? How does it feel to be a ghostwriter?
  • Juggling: First-person narrative on balancing a full-time or a part-time day job, kids, family, etc. with his freelance writing.
  • Leaping: How to make the alteration to full-time freelancing.
  • Market reports: How it seems to write for specific online websites and emerging platforms, which includes interviews with the company and meetings with successful writers on the platform.
  • Marketing: Strategies for lead generation to find freelance writing prospects & clients, marketing tips for freelancers, ways to be in line with marketing, and how to find the correct candidate to pitch.
  • Move up & earn more: First-person narratives of how you got your first good-paying client or when you raised your rates, up-sold a client any big project, or moved to a new, better-paying kind of writing; where could we find better clients and how to approach or reach to them to hire you.
  • Overcoming fear: New angle, techniques, and first-person narratives on how one can do freelance marketing or put your writing out there in spite of fears, and how to build your confidence.
  • Productivity: New techniques, tips, tools, or awareness on time management, overcoming hesitation, committing, avoiding disturbance, and always staying motivated.
  • Resources/tools/best sites: Ask for longer, 50-100 item resource posts for the freelance writers.
  • Self-publishing success narratives: Would love to hear from the writers who are doing well marketing and selling their e-books too.
  • Social media marketing success narratives: On the established or the emerging platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Writing craft: Concrete approaches and exercises to improve your writing, overcoming dry spells, beating writer’s block, figuring out what to be written, and writing headlines too.

Contribution Criteria

Topics that are irrelevant or noninformative won’t be considered. Also, we accept legal and legitimate content that provides quality to our audience. Topics need to be suitable to our business, covering areas of Search Engine Optimisation, eCommerce, Website development, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, and Digital Marketing.

Writing Process

You can only share with us your article or blog if we would think it will be a good read for our readers, and then only we will feature it on our website. Read all the guidelines and topics requirements before sending your content to us. Send the article via Email (info.forbesweblog@gmail.com) if all ok it will be approved we will notify you within 2 to 3 business days.

Your article or post will be reviewed by us against the above-mentioned guidelines. If it meets the guidelines and the content is unique and has not been published yet, then we will post it on our website.