What do Biblically Accurate Angels Look Like? Let’s Explore

Usually, people’s first visual picture of an angel is of a large, shining human-like creature dressed in white, with big white wings, and even a halo.

But according to biblical norms, it is untrue. In this article, we will explore what biblically accurate angels look like. their characteristics, or other things. 

So, stick to the end of this article and explore the angels. Let’s start without any delay!

How are Angels Illustrated in the Bible?

Take a glance at what the Bible says about them first, before anything else.

1) Since they are like angels, they can no longer pass away. Given that they are descendants of the resurrection, they are God’s kids. We can say that they are immortal. Angels have existed since the beginning of time. Being spirits, just like God, they do not pass away.

2) On this earth, the biblical angel carries out God’s agenda. They communicate God’s words, just as Lotand Mary did. They keep an eye on us and sometimes even take on human form to assist those in need. They continue to do whatever is the Father’s desire.

3) Precise angels make up the celestial army of God. They are the soldiers who fought in Heaven before Satan was sent out, and they are still capable of starting wars and ruin in God’s direction.

4) They experience feelings.

5) In the Bible, an angel is God’s representative or agent. Despite their incredible beauty, they only serve to bring attention to the Lord and should not be praised in place of him.

what do angels look like according to the Bible?

4 living creatures with six wings and eyes everywhere, including under their wings, mentions in Revelation 4:8 as standing before God’s throne.

Ezekiel also mentions creatures that are similar to “a wheel within a wheel, each of their four rims packed with eyeballs all around” in Ezekiel 1:16–18. These specific angels function as the tires of God’s throne. Other angels with four wings and four faces—a lion, an ox, a man, and an eagle—are called cherubims and also hint at Ezekiel.

Nonetheless, some angels like humans according to the Bible also made appearances to mortals as people. The person that appeared to Daniel was described as “having the figure of a man.”

The 3 angels who appeared to Abraham in Genesis 18:22 likewise had the vibe of human travellers, which is why he was kind to them. To leave the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, the same angels helped Lot and his family.

The people who were at Jesus’ tomb on the morning of His rising were said to have been “two men in sparkling clothing” in the New Testament. Acts 1:10 states that two men with white clothes spoke to Jesus’ disciples as He was going to heaven. It makes sense to biblical scholars that they are angels.

You’ll notice that the Bible frequently oddly describes angels when describing how heaven appears to people like John, Daniel, and Ezekiel. But, everyone who witnessed the earthly chores saw them in a way that they could identify with. This indicates that since they are spirits, they may presumably assume any shape, but God nevertheless creates some things that are so basic that human minds are unable to fully understand them.

People are more likely to pay attention to God’s message when the messenger assumes a human-like form. We are hoping that now you understand what angels really look like.

What is the Angelic Hierarchy?

Here’s the first category of angels

1) Seraphim:

It means “the flaming ones”. They are said to have six wings in Isaiah 6:2, with two for covering their feet, two for flight, and two for covering their faces. They serve as guests before God’s throne and never stop praising Him.


Cherubims appear as humans, lions, oxen, and eagles with four different faces in Ezekiel’s vision of God. They also have two wings for flight and two wings for protecting their feet. The meaning of their name is “fulfilment of wisdom.” At one time, the devil was a cherub.

3) Angels, Thrones, or Ophanim:

These creatures support God’s throne. Ezekiel describes them as having eyeballs all over their bodies and the appearance of wheels within wheels. They chant the glories of God just like the Seraphim. They stand out from the others the most in terms of look.

The second category of angels

The mission of this group of angels is to carry out God’s purposes for the world. They consist of Powers, Virtues, and Dominions.

1) Dominions:

They rule over humanity and the surviving choir of angels, as mentioned in Ephesians 1:21.

2) Virtues:

Ephesians 1:21 also refers to virtues, which are primarily related to mastery of the elements. After receiving commands from God to assist or perform miracles for people, they too come to Earth in human form. They mostly resemble a beam of light.

3) Powers: 

Ephesians 6:12 refers to them as fighting beings. They are also in charge of maintaining the natural order.

The third category of biblically accurate angels

The relationships between humanity and this layer of angels are the closest. Principalities, Archangels, and Angels are among them.

1) Principalities: 

These are the guardians of nations, states, communities, and religious institutions.

 2) Archangels:

Leader angels are known as archangels. This group includes angels like Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. They have the responsibility of carrying out God’s specific plans.

3) Angels: 

Known as the heavenly army’s foot soldiers, they interact with people on a very personal level.

Will Angels appear in their Biblical Forms anytime soon?

Over time, we have redefined angels as the wonderful, pure, and immaculate creatures with human-like appearance and airy wings that we think angels ought to be.

Even though how they are conceptualised has evolved, it is still thought that if we are good enough, we will be able to live with these weird, strange beings and witness them in their true forms in heaven.

Of course, only the idea of this might be scary. But appearances could deceive.

Angels are adoring beings who exclusively work for God and give him all the glory, even though they appear to do so. It suggests that they are looking out for our interests, even if we aren’t aware of it.

FAQs Related to Biblical Angels

1) What makes 777 God’s number?

Christianity. The Orthodox Study Bible, a publication from the United States, claims that the number 777 symbolises Trinity’s threefold perfection.

2) How many different angelic groupings are there?

God is accompanied by nine orders, or groups, of angels. These nine are then split up into triads, or groups of three which we talk about above. 

3) Whom did God create as the first angel?

The ultimate archangel, who is associated with higher Intellects, was thus the first angel, God created before moving on to other archangels.

4) Which term describes the study of angels?

‘Angelology’ word describes the study of angels.


We discovered wheels and a great number of eyeballs in biblically accurate angels rather than the wings and harps we’ve grown accustomed to. They still play a crucial part in the god’s plan, though. Think about God’s strength in creating these creatures. 

Uniquely, they reveal His majesty and wisdom. But don’t rest your trust in the appearance of these celestial beings. Do express your thankfulness to God for creating them for your benefit and for being so purposeful and loving towards you.

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