Ready For Reset: Cardinal QB Murray Had Successful Surgery

The 25-year-old Murray wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself in a hospital bed, “ACL surgery was successful, thank everyone for all the love and prayers. Then I can say, I appreciate your support and will return for further. In this blog post, we are going to give you all the information about this latest news. So, read till the end. 

How Was Murray Injured?

In the team’s opening offensive play during the 27-13 defeat to the Patriots, Murray suffered an injury. In an attempt to juke past a Patriots linebacker while being flushed out of the pocket and going to his right, the two-time Pro Bowl pick fell to the ground in obvious pain. After this incident, it looks like Murray will not be the whole season, but luckily his surgery was successful and he will be available after some time. 

Will Murray Play in The 2023 Season or Not?

As we all know, Murray’s surgery was successful, as a result, he needs enough time to recover from the surgery. Therefore, he will not be available for around 1-2 weeks in the 2023 season. Once he recovers from the surgery, he will appear this season. 

Who Will Open The Season Finale For The Cardinals?

Colt McCoy is still in concussion protocol, so Kingsbury confirmed that David Blough will begin for the Cardinals in the season finale. Additionally, wideout DeAndre Hopkins (knee) won’t play against San Francisco on Sunday, but wideout Marquise Brown (wrist) is likely to. After replacing McCoy, Blough will be making his second start of the year on Sunday. 

In the defeat to Atlanta last week, Blough finished 24-for-40 for 222 yards and a touchdown. With six NFL starts under his belt, Blough has yet to secure a victory; the other five came in 2019 while playing for the Detroit Lions.

Blough will have a full week to prepare, according to Kingsbury, as compared to a much shorter period as the opener leading up to last Sunday’s game. With the way things are going with Kyler (Murray), they’re going to need him more than ever in 2019, according to Kingsbury. Therefore, they’ll let David handle it and monitor the results.

Murray Should Come Back Strongly, According to Kingsbury

Kingsbury confirmed that Murray underwent surgery on Tuesday to repair his torn ACL. He texted Murray to let him know everything was fine, and Murray replied by posting a picture of himself taken in a hospital ward. Thank you for your support and prayers; the ACL surgery went well.

Restoration is now underway. I am aware of his enthusiasm for finishing it and moving on “Kingsbury declared. “Of course, he has never experienced this. But he’s enthusiastic, so it might be a little bit of a restart for him. We felt like we could play at a much higher level this year despite our offensive issues, and I believe he realizes that he can improve and go after this.


In the end, we can conclude here that Murry will come back very strongly and this will be quite good for the Cardinals. We are hoping that he will recover as soon as possible.

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