Deepfake AI Video Generator [Free] 100% Working in 2024

Day by day, artificial intelligence is becoming a major part of our daily lives. And you know what? There is a new ai tool called deepfake ai trending nowadays. You will be surprised that it creates realistic-looking fake artificial images and videos. Sounds interesting Nah!

Today, we are going to tell you about what exactly this tool is, its benefits, limitations, key features, and many more things. So, stay tuned with us till the end of this article to miss out on anything. Let’s start without any further delay!

What is Deepfake AI?

It is an artificial image or video generator that uses a unique form of machine learning known as “deep” learning. It generates fake content using two algorithms. The names of these two algorithms are Generator and discriminator. The generator makes fake images or video stuff and the discriminator determines whether it is real or fake. 

The discriminator provides the generator with information each time it effectively detects the content as real or fake, allowing it to make a better deepfake next time. These are best at their assigned tasks. It’s frequently impossible for humans to detect whether it is fake or real. 

Launch Date of Deepfake AI

It is already available on the Internet. Simply search for “deepfake ai” on your device browser. Click on the first link to appear on your device screen. Use and enjoy!

Benefits of Deepfake AI

1) Video Campaigns at Low Cost

Since deepfakes eliminate the need for an on-location actor, marketers can use this tool to cut costs on the budgets for their video advertisements. The actor’s earlier digital recordings can be used along with the relevant dialogue from a script, to make a new video. 

But remember, he should have permission to use their recordings. In short, we can say that it is more helpful in creating an advertisement for any brand easily and at a low cost. 

2) Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry

Deepfakes have the power to revolutionize the industry of entertainment. With the use of deepfake ai app, creators may now freely express their creativity by creating masterpieces that were previously impossible.

3) Users can have immersive experiences.

In a variety of sectors, including retail, tourism, and education, we can create realistic user experiences with Deepfake technology.

4) Gaming industry

With the use of this technology, gamers may have deeper and more personal experiences. With Deepfakes, game makers can generate real-life characters that seem like the players. 

Limitation of Deepfake AI

1) Lack of trust 

The most visible downside to deepfake technology is that it can be used to make a fake video, making it more challenging to verify the trustworthiness of the material.

It remains impossible for someone who doesn’t know the person well to figure out whether or not their video or image was genuine before seeing such a video or image.

2) Increases scam

Deepfake technology has the potential to boost internet scams and generate false allegations or complaints against anyone.

For example, someone has made a video by adding new dialogue to a recording of a real incident to mislead viewers.

Alternatives of Deepfake AI

1) My heritage

Due to its ability to animate old pictures, the app’s Deep Nostalgia function has become more popular among social media users. You will see an animated version of the image in a few seconds.

2) DeepFaceLab

You may make deepfake videos with the DeepFaceLab. It’s an advanced tool primarily used by researchers. De-aging, face, and head shifting, and lip-syncing are just a few of the many functions that come with this program. 

3) Artguru AI

A web-based ai deepfake tool called Artguru can be used to create realistic-looking avatars and portraits. A wide variety of artistic genres, such as Cyberpunk City, Watercolor Art, and Modern Collage, are available in this deepfake application. Users can experiment with and produce a variety of creative media representations.

4) Reface

A famous ai-based program is called Reface. Content creators have become a major audience for Reface. It lets users choose from a wide range of celebrities, superheroes, and artists in the library, or they can use their selfies. The creative options are endless when you are using Reface, you can switch up your appearance, play around with hair color and style, and even switch up your gender. 

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Deepfake AI Paid Version

It is not available at free of cost. You should pay to use the deepfake ai generator. Here, you can subscribe to the premium version or the basic version. The premium version costs you around $19 per month, whereas in the basic version, you have to purchase cloud credits as per your usage time ($4 for 1 hour). 

Key Features of Deepfake AI?

1) Realistic image or video: Artificial intelligence (ai) is used by The Deepfake Generator to create realistic images or videos that are identical to actual people.

2) Creating videos is made simple: To make a video, you do not require any technical expertise or video editing abilities.

3) Save time: There is a simple procedure to make a video which saves your time. 

How to use Deepfake AI?

You have to follow these simple steps to use it properly:

Step 1: You have to create an account on “Deepfake AI“. To do this, you only need an email id. 

Step 2: After creating an account, log in to such account, and click on “create new deepfake”. Then upload any picture or video from your device. 

Step 3: It will generate a deepfake video or image for you.

It’s a three-step simple process. We hope that you understand it properly.


In a nutshell, deepfake ai is a great tool for content creators, marketers, brands, etc. But, people can also misuse it for personal benefit. We would say that using it with good intentions will not be a problem. So, go and try this tool!


1) Is Deepfake AI Tool Easy?

Yes, it is now possible to make a deep fake in just a few minutes. 

2) What is the Bad Side of Deepfake? 

Privacy violation.

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