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Forbes Weblog, we place the utmost focus on online privacy and are alert to any user concerns. If you sign up for our newsletter or other services, we only gather information with your permission. Please keep in mind that anybody can view or record the data that you submit in the forums. Consequently, you have to avoid providing the website with confidential material.

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how we collect, use and share your personal information when you visit This policy is a part of the Terms of Use Agreement and contains important information about our privacy practices, including when and how we use the information we collect from you on our websites ( what types of personal information we collect; where we store it; how long we keep it for; whether any third parties have access to your data collected on this website or other sites linked to this policy before displaying them on their websites; and how you can contact us if you wish us to change our policies or take some other action related to those policies so that they better meet your needs at

Info that are automatically gotten when you visit Forbes Weblog

We might automatically gather specific data, including cookies, when you access the Site. When you access the site, information such as your IP address, the properties of your operating system, details about your browser, and system settings are automatically obtained.

On a user’s computer, cookies are small text files that collect data about the user. Besides other forms of local storage, our site may also utilize cookies.

We use tags on the website and in emails to control automatic data collecting. Files known as web beacons link specific web servers and their cookies to specific online sites. They might be utilized to quantify the number of visits, examine how users navigate the website, assess the frequency with which emails we send are opened, or measure the number of articles or links that site readers access.

Utilization of the User Information that we collect and store

Following are some of how we might utilize the data collected on Forbes Weblog.

1) Focus on providing the products and services you have requested.

2) Assist by responding to requests, questions, and remarks.

3) To eliminate theft, fraud, and other illegal activities.

4) To comply with the company’s policies and any relevant legal obligations.

5) For the growth of our company

6) To carry out data analytics concerning how the website is being used

7) To make an available likely hood for taking part in events, programs, competitions, or other online activities of a similar nature.

8) The sharing of your personal information may be necessary to enable us to carry out our obligations and enforce our rights under a contract with you or where we have another legitimate business interest.

How is the Data communicated?

The service providers, we collaborate with us might have access to the information that you furnish to get things done on our duty on the part. In addition, the following helps justify the disclosure of user data:

1) If intimation is required to avoid any loss or damage to the business:

2) Whenever a statute or other legal procedure calls for it.

3) To inform the advertisers about the type of users that they are trying to target with the help of analytics and quantitative info.

4) For use in the company’s internal business workings.

How do we Prevent Data leak?

There is no guarantee that information communicated online will be secure despite our best efforts to take the necessary administrative, technological, and physical necessary measures to protect your information from accidental or unauthorized loss, modification, or even use.

But, we hold the personally identifiable information you provide to us in a secure environment that is not accessible by the general public or anyone who does not have a legitimate reason to access it. We also take steps to ensure that our employees do not have direct access to nonpublic/sensitive data on our servers that contains names, addresses, or phone numbers of individuals within Forbes Weblog team; nor do they have direct access to nonpublic/sensitive data contained on desktops or laptops used by individuals outside of Forbes Weblog team.

Access and Storage of Information

Only the time needed to fulfill the goals for which your information was gathered will be stored. Even more, time may be spent preserving data if it’s necessary to comply with legal obligations, settle legal issues, or operate our business. We’ll abide by the Privacy Policy about the personal information we keep.

How will you receive notification of changes to this Privacy Policy?

The privacy policy is periodically updated to reflect changes to our privacy practices. We will notify you of material changes to this Privacy Policy by sending an email to the address in your account with us.

Ethics Guidelines

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