Who Owns The Premier League?

Nearly 25 years have passed since the Premier League was set up in English football. The amount of money that came in changed the domestic game’s landscape completely, making it a historic event for English football. In this blog post, we are going to provide you with all the details like who owns this amazing league, which clubs are owned by the British, and more. 

Does The FA Control The Premier League?

In England, football is led by the FA at all levels, including both amateur and professional play. It is a regulating organization that establishes many of the game’s rules. In addition to being a member of FIFA and UEFA, the FA also represents England on the global level of football administration. 

In the Premier League, the Football Association handles several high-profile issues, including punishing players and clubs for on- and off-field offenses. However, they do not have the last say, they are also shareholders in the Premier League and have the power to vote on some matters.

The FA must first give its approval before the Premier League can create its own rules. Additionally, the FA has the power to reject any League Chairman or Chief Executive’s appointment, providing the regulatory body some control over the league. Due to a significant rise in TV revenue and international recognition, the Premier League has also substantially enhanced its influence over the interests of the lower English leagues. 

Are Any Premier League Teams Owned By The British?

In terms of its players, viewership, audience reach, and, of course, boardrooms, the Premier League is worldwide. Nowadays, Americans and British people jointly own or control a similar number of clubs. Throughout the league, there are different wealthy consortiums, single owners, and partial owners. 

Here are the clubs owned by the British:

Brighton & Hove AlbionUK
Crystal PalaceUK/USA
Newcastle UnitedUK
Norwich CityUK
Tottenham HotspurUK

Who Owns The England Football Club?

The 20 member clubs own it and run the Premier League as a corporation. Every club has 1 vote as a shareholder, which can be used to alter rules or sign contracts. A two-thirds majority, or 14 clubs, is necessary to approve any rule changes or substantial business contracts.

To manage day-to-day operations, the clubs pick a chairman, chief executive, and board of directors. Richard Scudamore had been appointed as Chief executive 5 months after Sir Dave Richards, who has acted as the company’s chairman since April 1999.

The FA has never had a role in how the Premier League is doing commercially since it was established. However, Premier League games continue to play under FA rules, with FA referees, and the governing body still makes decisions regarding conduct on the field.


In the end, we can say that FA doesn’t have full control over the premier league, but this doesn’t mean that the premier league is no longer necessary to follow the rules of the FA and the other regulatory bodies.

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