Everything You Need to know About The World Unbreakable Records in Football

Football is a great sport with extraordinary athletes. They can create memorable moments during every game. Certain world unbreakable records in football are made to outlast the test of time, preserved in their excellence and glory.

These are the records that players would even fear to think about breaking because they would demand incredible efforts. In this blog post, we will cover all unbreakable impressive records in football history. 

Which Goalkeeper Scored The World Wnbreakable Records in Football?

Most goalkeepers are only good at one thing. Sao Paulo’s goalkeeper was a Brazilian football player named Ceni. He played for his nation in two World Cups and was a superb goalkeeper. 

Ceni scored 131 goals during his 2.5-decade career. The second-most effective goalkeeper in history, Jose Luis Chilavert, has scored less than half as many goals as that. Even though his record is still one of the most unbreakable records in football history, it will undoubtedly stand the test of time as the best goalkeeper in history, regardless of his future accomplishments.

Who Scored The Most Goals in Football? 

Pele is typically given credit for this record by football fans, but he is not the second on the list. Josef Bican, a lesser-known player, holds the record. Because of a more lenient football schedule at the time, players’ careers might last longer. In the current period, it is practically difficult for players to outlast 1000 games.

It would be hard for them to continue scoring at Bican’s incredible rate of 1.6 goals per game, even if they did reach near to 1000 games like Giggs and Paolo Maldini. It was also an unbreakable record in football history. 

The Winning of Five Consecutive European Trophies is One of The World Unbreakable Records in Football 

Real Madrid went on the offensive from 1955 to 1960, bringing down opposition and heading north to five straight European trophies. Madrid had a monopoly on European football during those five years unlike any other, and it was the period that started them down the path to becoming the best European team in history.

The modern-day counterpart of the European Cup, the Champions League, has never even had a single point of defense. Teams are unable to win it twice consecutively, let alone five times. Even very potent teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich have flopped. This is an untouchable and unbreakable record in football history.

The Maximum Score in a Match

The Guinness Book of World Records has certified the match between AS Adema and SO l’Emyrne played on October 31, 2002, as the club football game with the highest final score. The SO l’Emyrne players started passing back to their own goal as soon as the whistle blew, and they then scored. However, the team had already made up its mind, leaving the opposition puzzled.

The final score was 149-0 after they scored 149 own goals. Following the game, the manager of SO l’Emyrne was given a three-year suspension from the sport, while four members of the squad were given season-long suspensions. This score always seems to be one of the most unbreakable records in football history

A Premier League Season With The Less Victories

Derby County holds the unfavorable record for the Premier League season with the least number of victories. The 2007–2008 season was a tough, competitive one for at least 19 of the teams. The twentieth team, Derby County, was somewhat of a surprise. Derby only had one victory in 38 games, which came against Newcastle. 

They concluded the season with just 11 points after losing 29 games (again, a record), scoring 20 goals, and conceding a whopping 89 goals. One of the most heartbreaking records a team could receive would have to be this one. No team is likely to perform this badly.

Who Scored The Most International Goals?

When it comes to international competition, Ali Daei owns the record. Daei managed to achieve an incredible 109 goals for Iran in a career that lasted 13 years and 149 games. He was able to play for legendary clubs like Hertha BSC and Bayern Munich during his great career. 

Beckenbauer personally selected him as a top-tier forward when he was signed by the German powerhouses. He made history by playing in the UEFA Champions League for the first time as an Asian while he was a Bayern player. It will take an extraordinarily heroic attempt to equal or even surpass his record because he’s the only player in international football who has scored 100 goals.

Maximum Number of Goals Scored in a World Cup ever

In previous World Cups, scoring five or six goals would be enough to win the golden boot, but in the 1958 tournament, that wasn’t the case. Just Fontaine broke several scoring records in his first and only World Cup, hitting an amazing 13 goals to lead France to third place.

The most goals ever scored in a World Cup were 16, so far. In just one edition, Fontaine accomplished 13. The Frenchman is currently tied for fourth place in World Cup goals, but he will probably always hold the record for most goals in a single tournament.

Most World Cup Medals Won By a Single Player

Pele, a legend, currently holds this record. A player who made his debut on the international football stage at the age of 16 and excelled for both club team Santos and the Brazilian national team. For every football player, winning the FIFA World Cup represents the absolute peak of their career. In addition, Pele had the most World Cup victories of any player by the time of his career’s end, having helped Brazil to win three tournaments.


Everyone has to understand that anyone can break a record as soon as they set their minds to it and stick with their goal. It will be interesting to witness who makes new records or whether the current records will be broken or not in the future. That’s it, we hope you found the above world unbreakable records in football history helpful. 

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