YSL Black Opium Dossier.co (Complete Guide)

If the perfume is something that turns you on, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will be discussing various interesting facts about ysl black opium dossier.co. A premium luxury perfume brand that will help you smell good. It can be worn by people of all ages and genders for different occasions like date night or casual movie night. 

There are various reasons why humans wear perfume. The fragrance is the most obvious reason apart from this a good perfume enhances the mode of a person. It also lifts your spirit and boosts your confidence. Therefore, you must select the perfume that suits your personality. 

Wearing perfume also makes you attractive, so without wasting any further time let’s learn more about YSL perfume dossier.co.

What is YSL Black Opium Dossier. co

Black Opium Dossier.co is one of the best perfumes for women. The literal meaning of the perfume is luxury. Although it is the best perfume for women Dossier. co can be worn by men also. It is a classy perfume with a pleasant smell. It will make your appearance sexy and seductive. This perfume has a blend of sweet and strong smells which will fill you with adventure and freshness for the entire day.

YSL black opium dossier.co comes in two nodes the upper note, aka top nodes, and the bottom notes. The top notes are light and more unstable, however, in contrast, the lower/bottom note is warmer. One thing which is common in both the notes is the fragrance which will keep you fresh throughout the day.  

Why Is YSL Black Opium Dossier.co Famous?

YSL balck opium Dossier. co is very popular among women in America. One reason that helps it to gain popularity that is its unique smell which no other perfume can replicate. Secondary due to the large variation available with YSL also increases its demand in the market.

Who is the Owner of YSL Black Opium? 

YSL Black Opium is a New York-based brand owned by Dossier. Which is an e-commerce company that started its operations in 2018? Its leadership includes top business personalities like Sergio tache. He is the owner of this perfume brand yves saint laurent perfume dossier.co. The mission for creating this perfume brand is to make sure that it reaches to every person. 

Who is the Face of Black Opium?

According to the official statement of the Black Opium Zoë Kravitz is the new face of the company. This 29 years old american actress has more than 8 millions followers on her social media accoun. Prior to this she was the global brand ambassador of the YSL makeup. She has a confident and artistic personality.

YSL Black Opium Dossier.co Fragrances

YSL Black offers a wide range of fragrances that will match your taste, style and personality. These fragrances will help you smell good and will keep you energetic through out the day.

  • Amber: This aroma is made of combination of various other fragrances like Vanilla, Benzoin and labdanum. This gives it a very exotic taste and make it perfect for someone with dynamic personality.  
  • Musk : The Musk is made mostly from natural ingredietd like herbs and animals. This gives it a smooth and smokey smell. Which makes it perfect for your romantic evening.
  • Vanilla :  Vanilla or Ambery Vanilla is the best YSL perfume for women. It was launched in 2022 and comes in various notes. This fragrance is a mixture of Organge blossom, Jasmine, black coffee and vanilla. Which gives it a sensuous and yummy taste. You will feel its warmth while it fills the ambience with its pleasant floral smell.
  • Oud : To make your romantic date more intense the ysl black opium dossier.co has launched this fragrance. Filled with earthy, smoky and sweet smell it will modify the ambience and will make it more romantic. Which makes it a perfect perfume for your date nights or other special occasion.  

How to Apply Women Perfume Dossier.co 

Layer the Scents You Have:

  1. To layer the secent you need to mix two or more variant of scents.
  2. Now blend this scent smoothly together to create a fragrance
  3. Its time to take an expert opinion, about mixture of two scent together to get the personal fragrance. 

 Application of Layered Scents:

Apply on fragrance one by one on your body 

Examples of Layered Scents

  1. Gourmand patchoulis and Ambery Vanilla fragrances: 

This is a perfect combo if you are tired of using the one fragrance as they are complement to each other. Ambery is consist of patchoulis and vanilla. Whereas, the gourmand scent comes with the ingredients such as coffee, honey, licorice and cacaos. Now firstly, spray gourmand patchouli fragrance, then Ambery vanilla Scent.

  1. Gourmand White Flower with Ambery Vanilla: 

This is the other perfect combination which gives you the oriental scent and floral scent. Gourmand white flower comes with the coffee, flower (white), caramel, and licorice. Whereas, Ambery is consist of vanilla and the patchoulis ingredients.

Why black opium dossier.co ?

YSL black opium dossier.co is the best perfume for women, this enhances their confidence and apmlifyies their beauty. Its enigmatic smell will boost the confidence and symbolizes them as strong lady. According to the feed back of customers what attracts them to purchase this perfume is its performance that lasts for complete day.  

ysl perfume dossier.co the best women perfume is helps women to look energetic and young. Its pleasant fragrance will help you to overcome your natural odor irrespective of its strength. The best part of this perfume is that unlike other unisex perfume that has a dominate feminine or masculine smell YSL Black perfume has a pleasant smell and can be worn by both men and women. 


The perfume has great physiological influence on human, if it’s constituent ingredients are natural then it produces mental and spiritual healing of the mind. Sometimes it also act as mood booster and helps us to reduce stress. ysl black opium dossier.co perfume is one of the best perfumes for women. This perfume has summarizes the energy of nature to give you boldness and confidence in your appearance.

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