Why is the 25th Island of Greece so popular on the internet? Let’s Explore

The gorgeous Greek island of Amorgos has recently become popular on the internet, not for its mountainous natural beauty and hidden beaches, but for its name. People are just going mad over a popular meme pushing them to find the “25th island of greece”.

We are going to explain everything about this for those who still shouldn’t have an idea what exactly it is, and why this is trending on the internet. Let’s start! 

What is the 25th Island of Greece? Why is it funny?

The twenty-fifth island of Greece is known for its stunning landscape and culturally rich Ellas. But besides its beautiful attraction, the island got popular when the most famous French Movie Big Blue was made there. It is also gaining popularity among travelers due to its unique Cycladic architecture, famous beaches, and mysterious tunnels. 

Here, the 25th island of greece meme explained. Considering its size, the island of Amorgos has the 25th highest population in Greece. Innersloth, an American game production studio, produced the vastly multiplayer online video game Among Us, which is today very popular among children. 

Let us now look at the name of Greece’s 25th island. While they don’t quite correspond, both words have a similar tone. Users of the video game Among Us make light of the joke as a result. 

The meme encourages people to discover the name of Greece’s 25th island, “Amorgos.”

What is the largest island in Greece?

The islands of Greece, among the most visited regions of Europe, are a key attraction for tourists from around the globe. But the question that arises here is which is the largest island in Greece. Greece’s largest island by a significant margin is Crete, which is practically a separate country.

The population is different and fully independent, and the region’s scenery is large and varied. Crete is a universally popular island. Everyone will discover that Crete has a lot to offer them when on holiday, including families, couples, history fans, nature lovers, and beach lovers.

Why is Amorgos, the 25th Greek Island, currently in trend?

Maybe you’ve noticed that everybody is discussing “the 25th island of Greece” on social media sites like TikTok or Instagram, etc.  Why is the 25th island receiving so much attention when there are 6,000 islands in Greece, 227 of which are crowded?

This is all a portion of a trending meme that encourages you to search online for the name of the twenty-fifth island in Greece. And we explained the meme above.

Where is the 25th Island of Greece Located?

Among the most gorgeous Greek islands is the 25th Island, which is part of the Cyclades region. It is located in the southern Cyclades archipelago, close to the islands of Ios and Naxos.

Why is the word “Amorgos” trending?

Many people seem to believe that “Amorgos” and “Among Us” are identical. Due to people connecting the name “Amorgos” with “Among us,” the “25th Island of Greece” meme has gained popularity.

Kids are currently playing the online multiplayer game “Among Us,” which was created by the American gaming company Innersloth. Even though these two terms don’t sound similar, fans of the video game Among Us find the joke entertaining.

How to travel to Amorgos?

The journey to the island of Amorgos is not challenging. Even though the island doesn’t have an airport, consequently, taking a ferry is the only available mode of transportation from neighboring Greek islands. If you’re in the Cyclades already, you can reserve your ferry in advance. 

It takes an hour and a half from Naxos and an hour and a half from Santorini.

Activities to do on Greece’s twenty-fifth island

1) You may go hiking.

2) Another unquestionable activity that might increase your fun on the island is boating.

3. Amorgos has more than fifteen beaches, allowing you to choose one and spend the entire day there without facing other people.

4) Among all the Greek islands, Amorgos is the center of attraction for delicious traditional food. So, whenever you visit the island, be sure to taste the amazing food.

5) You can visit the Amorgos Botanical Park.

Amorgos Greece’s size 

It is the Cyclades island group’s eastern part and also the one closest to Greece’s neighboring Dodecanese island chain. It makes up the municipality of Amorgos, which has a total land area of 126.346 sq. km, along with 16 surrounding small islands, the bigger one among which is Nikouria Island (based on land area) It is 48.782 sq. miles in size and having a population of 1,973).

10 reasons to visit the 25th Island of Greece

Wish to travel to Greece? Choosing well! It’s a wonderful country with everything you could want, including beautiful beaches and islands, interesting culture and history, amazing food, and pleasant people. Greece awaits you if you haven’t traveled already! We have listed some amazing reasons why you should visit the island of Greece at least once in your life.

1) You will never before witnessed anything like Greece in terms of welcoming people. Due to how welcoming and kind everyone is, you will enjoy visiting family-owned hotels and dining at family-run establishments.

2) Greece is worth visiting for the quality of the food alone. It’s so wonderful and different, and usually very affordable as well. Additionally, the portions aren’t inexpensive. You won’t go away from your meal feeling hungry, we can assure you of that.

3) The Ancient Greeks contributed significantly to the development of modern civilization, and we can now appreciate the stunning historical facts in this region. There are numerous historic sites, buildings, and temples to explore. You won’t be let down if you love history!

4) Visiting some of the smaller villages in Greece is one of my favorite activities. While traveling to remote regions, you often come across interesting people and customs. It’s undoubtedly something unique, and renting a scooter or car makes it the best activity to do.

5) There are several beaches in Greece, including those with sand, pebbles, and cliffs. We promise you that there is a beach for every traveler.

6) One of Europe’s most unique and gorgeous locations is undoubtedly this old region. Observing monasteries located above towering cliffs gives a unique experience.

7) Most festivals take place in the summer, however, some also happen at other times of the year. There are festivals and events for every occasion in Greece, from the traditional to the new.

Greek culture is remarkable since it has so many unique dancing styles, rituals, folk costumes, and more, in addition to the many festivals that it celebrates.

8) In comparison to other famous tourist locations in Europe, Greece has always been a more affordable option, so you can easily enjoy a pleasant vacation with first-rate lodging and eating without going to extremes.

9) Greek music is unique in that it is so calming and energetic while sometimes also having a joyful tone. Life is being able to enjoy fresh Greek music while dining at a tavern.

10) At any time of the day, you will feel secure in Greece. Since everyone is so nice, the only spots where you might pay attention to what happens at night are in the popular bar districts, where alcoholic tourists may not even manage drinking well. Apart from that, Greece is a highly safe country, and crime is uncommon there.

FAQs related to the 25th Island of Greece

1) Which Greek island is the oldest?

Ikaria is the oldest Greek island.

2) What makes the Greek islands unique?

Greek islands are unique for their beautiful scenery.


In the end, we can say that you should travel to Amorgos, which means “love” in the Spanish language, and enjoy your holidays among the 25th of Greece’s gorgeous islands. That’s it for today! Hope you got all the details about the 25th island of greece.

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